A Low Carb Keto Day On A Plate

A Low Carb Keto Day On A Plate

Sample recipes, tips and tricks

A Low Carb Keto Day On A Plate

I thought it would be fun to share what a typical delicious day on a plate looks like when going Low Carb Keto. You'll discover why celebrating good fat is the key to energy, improved mood, mental clarity and so much more.

The recipes and information are all from my my Daily With Luke Program that gives you delicious easy meal plans and shopping list, along with mindset coaching, a inspiring articles, daily 10 minute moves and so much more. Find out more information here.

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The Easy Facts

If you're curious about giving this fantastic way of life a go, you may want to read some of my recent articles about topics like Fasting, The Difference Between Paleo and Keto, and What Is Inflammation. Click any of these links or check out the full list of helpful resources at the news page.

To get us started though, the reason Low Carb Keto works for releasing weight, increasing energy, improving your mood and focus is because instead of being a sugar burner, relying on constant hits of anything processed and refined to keep 'level', you become a fat burner. When you're a fat burner, you are no longer a slave to cravings, can manage your blood sugar levels, and mindfully eat when you're hungry, and have the intuition to stop when you're full. Leading to a healthier, happier, leaner and longer life.

Here is a sample day of meals, and why I love celebrating them as part of my Low Carb Keto approach!

Breakfast | MCT Keto Tonic Mind and Body Brew

Power Up Mind And Body Brew

Beginning your day with an MCT Keto Tonic Mind and Body Brew is an energizing, satiating and delicious way to start to your morning. Whether you are using it late morning to break a fast, as a pre-workout, or just a brain, mood and focus kick starter, the Medium Chain Triglycerides are a readily used source of energy that keep us feeling fuller for longer, balance our hormones and improve our mood. By starting with something packed with good fats, you're setting the standard for the day, telling your body that you don't require cheap, quick, processed energy hits, instead you are opting for something that burns long and slow.


Lunch | The Good Fat Salad

The Good Fat Salad Preview

Continuing along with celebrating good fats, lunch is all about getting them from fantastic healthy sources. Think avocado, olives and bacon! Now, be mindful that when eating ingredients such as bacon, the type and where it comes form is very important. Which is why I wrote this article on The Common Misconceptions of The Paleo Diet. Be sure it is free-range and nitrate free. This is the type of lunch where the elements can be made in advance and simply thrown together on the run. 


Dinner | Nut Butter Chicken Curry

Img 0086 Preview

I love a good butter chicken, and this one actually celebrates nut butter as the hero ingredient! This recipe is a great example of swapping out any dairy, toxic seed oils and sugary pre-made sauces for everyday real food ingredients. Coconut cream keeps it nice and rich, and feel free to add extra spice if you like it hot! When following this way of life you will cook with lots of coconut oil, and for good reason! Its stable at high temperatures, packed with MCT's and a great source of energy.


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