The Top 5 Misconceptions of The Paleo Diet

The Top 5 Misconceptions of The Paleo Diet

My top 5 list of misconceptions when going paleo
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The Top 5 Misconceptions of The Paleo Diet

When stripping things back to basics, a Paleo Lifestyle advocates a clean diet, avoiding processed and refined foods, grains, dairy products and legumes, whilst celebrating well sourced animal protein, nuts, seeds, and an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

When undertaking this way of eating, you will reduce highly processed foods, manage your cravings better, and reduce inflammation! (Click here for what is inflammation?)

What I love about this approach to food is that when followed correctly, you get back to feeling truly healthy! You'll increase your energy, lose excess weight, the brain fog will lift and your mood will improve.

But do a quick google search, and you will see that there are 5 Misconceptions of The Paleo Diet. Here they are, I hope they inspire you to always eat the most nutrient dense meals on the planet, just like the ones here at Luke Hines 10.

  • 1. It's All About Animal Protein

    This couldn't be further from the truth! A healthy Paleo approach celebrates animal proteins in moderation, finding the majority of the plate filled with healthy fats and colourful in season vegetables. The HERO on every plate should always be the vegetables, flavoured to amazingness with good fats (find out how here) followed by a sustainable and ethical amount of well sourced protein.

  • 2. Bacon Goes with Everything

    When you google Paleo, there's a whole lotta bacon. And when you google bacon, there's a whole lotta Paleo. They don't necessarily go hand in hand, as when celebrating bacon in ones diet, it is important it is free-range and nitrate free. And considering that isn't the most common thing to find, be mindful that there are other healthier meats to use if you can't find the right quality, which brings me to my next point.

  • ​3. Quality Doesn't Matter

    You can't just stick to the core principles of Paleo without taking notice or placing care on where your produce is sourced from. Paleo is so much more than the food groups. It is about traceability, supporting local business and farmers, and voting with your dollar every time you make a food choice. Make decisions that you know will lead to a good outcome for the farmers and animals in this world.

  • ​4. Sweet Potato is Low Carb

    When going Paleo we ditch most things that are white. White bread, white sugar, white pasta, white rice and of course, white potato! Then we started seeing paleo cafe's dish up Sweet Potato with everything, throwing around the terms Low Carb or Paleo Friendly! So even though Paleo is less restrictive on your daily carb amounts as Keto, there are way more vegetables you could be celebrating that don't pack such a blood sugar spiking punch. I always vote Cauliflower with everything!

  • ​5. You Wont Gain Weight Eating Paleo Treats

    Just because a treat is made with nutrient dense paleo ingredients, doesn't mean you're immune to the insulin spiking consequences of said treat. You'll see the words sugar free, paleo and raw, but they can still contain high levels of sweeteners, even natural, and they still play with your blood glucose level, resulting in body fat gain if not efficiently used by our bodies. My Low Carb Keto treats like my Keto Twix Bar make amazing snacks without the sugar.

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