Fasting | Top tips and benefits

Fasting | Top tips and benefits

Switch from burning carbs to fat with intermittent fasting.

Fasting | Top tips and benefits

Fasting is a hot trend with its number of health benefits associated, from increasing our energy mood and focus, boosting our metabolism, and promoting a ‘cleansing’ like effect by allowing our bodies time to detox and reset - plus, we no longer feel like slaves to cravings or emotional eating.

If you are new to fasting or just want to try it out, the big questions are usually: where do I start, how long do I 'fast' for, and is it easy?

The good news is, with my top tips you can easily achieve the benefits of fasting without throwing your whole routine out. And yes, you can still eat full meals.

Fasting is a cheap, effective and powerful way to boost your health in so many ways. It’s a real game changer. So here are my top tips for easy ways to implement Intermittent Fasting into your routine without the stress.

5 Fantastic tip for Fasting

  • 1. Extend the time between Dinner and Breakfast.

    We actually fast while we sleep, so the easiest way to start is by having your last bite to eat just one hour earlier than normal. Or, you can have breakfast 1 hour later - maybe take it to work?

    Whether its an earlier dinner or later breakfast, just by extending the time between those meals you will notice a lighter feeling as your digestive system utilises that extra hour to completely digest, reset and start to cleanse. You'll also start to tap into stored energy (i.e. utilising stored fat for energy)!

  • 2. Start with one day a week.

    There's no point in aiming to fast every single day, because that can lead to stress especially when life gets busy and our 'normal' day goes out the window.

    Choose just one day, it can be over the weekend, or maybe a Tuesday the second day of the working week works better for you. Which ever day it is, aiming for just one day per week will allow you to test it out and adapt if you need to, then you can up to 2 or more days when you feel comfortable and confident. 

  • 3. Drink drink drink!

    Keeping up adequate amounts of water is vital, as our system will require hydration in order to properly digest during our fast as well as detox and keep everything flowing (including our energy!).

    Water can also alleviate any hunger or cravings and it can be a great tactic for extending our fast - instead of reaching for that snack, grab a glass of water!

  • 4. Fast followed by Fat.

    Breaking your fast with something like MCT Keto Tonic in PowerUp Coffee, tea or smoothie is a great way to get your body to utilise fat as fuel. This not only increases your energy, mood, focus and metabolism, it also encourages your body to burn fat as fuel during your fast.

    Simple fats are best for breaking a fast - my favourites include MCTs, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, and even Hemp oil and Macadamia oil - they are packed with essential omegas, easy to digest and great for our health.

  • 5. Aim for around 16 hours, with the occasional 24 hour fast once a quarter.

    Once you're feeling confident with extending the time between dinner and breakfast, start to aim for around 16 hours as a bench mark. Some foods can sit in our digestive systems for up to 24 hours, so the longer we can allow our body to focus on our last meal, the better we will be able to properly and fully digest that food, absorb the wonderful nutrients and remove the waste and any toxins that remain.

    If you're feeling brave - the occasional 24 hour fast delivers an incredible reset! Aim for a 24 hour fast once a quarter.

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