Sugar-Free Low-Carb Keto Chocolate

Sugar-Free Low-Carb Keto Chocolate


Sugar-Free Low-Carb Keto Chocolate

This is probably my favourite version of my homemade low-carb keto chocolate. To keep things simple, I've stripped it back to basics so you can either make a big batch of choc and use it in all of my sweet treat recipes like the one's below, or enjoy as is with some really easy flavour ideas I've suggested. This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and 100% plant based.

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    220 g cacao butter, melted
    250 ml (1 cup) melted coconut oil, plus extra if needed
    250 g (2 cups) cacao powder, plus extra if needed
    1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or powder
    2–4 drops of liquid stevia or
    250 ml (1 cup) Maple Flavoured Monk Fruit Sweetener plus extra if needed, GET IT HERE


    Line a baking tray or loaf tin with baking paper.

    In a saucepan over medium–low heat, gently stir the cacao butter and coconut oil until well combined.

    Remove the pan from the heat and gently whisk in the cacao power, vanilla and your Maple Flavoured Monk Fruit Sweetener. Keep whisking until thick, creamy and well combined, then taste and evaluate the consistency and sweetness as follows:

    For a thicker darker chocolate, add some more cacao powder.

    For a smoother chocolate, add some more coconut oil.

    For a sweeter chocolate, add some more sweetener of choice.

    Once the chocolate is to your desired taste and consistency, pour it into your prepared tray or tin, transfer to the fridge or freezer and leave until set firm. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 month, or in the freezer for up to 3 months.

    GOOD TO KNOW: This chocolate can easily be flavoured with your favourite ingredients. To do so, simply pour the chocolate into the tray as above and then sprinkle over your chosen nuts, seeds, fresh or freeze-dried berries, or swirl in soft ingredients like peanut butter or tahini, then set as above. Delicious.

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