About the program

About the program

Learn more about the meals, mindset and moves.

About the program

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Join me in my 10 Week Meals, Mindset and Moves program with hundreds of healthy recipes, mindset coaching, daily at-home moves and so much more, with me as your coach every step of the way - AND your choice of 1 of my 6 bestselling cookbooks FREE.

Each week you’ll receive a structured meal plan, shopping list, mindset coaching and daily 10 minute workouts to have you looking and feeling your absolute best.

Luke Hines 10 gets you the results you’ve been looking for because its a holistic approach, finding synergy between delicious nutrient dense food, realistic mindset motivation and the moves that keep you well for life.


    My program exclusive recipes are all 100% gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free with Meal Plan options for Paleo, Low Carb (keto-friendly), Nut Free, or Egg Free.


    To be truly healthy, you need to be happy, which is why we put a great deal of focus on mindset coaching. You'll receive a complete 10 week mindfulness and wellbeing program delivered by our in-house Psychologist Michael.


    Train along with me, anywhere, anytime, with my daily functional fitness sessions. These results based workouts are designed to burn body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and get you moving, for life. For those who may be injured or have restricted movement, don't worry because the food and mindset alone will help transform your health.


What you'll receive

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  • New Meal Plans Every Week
  • New Workouts Every Week
  • Complete Printable Shopping Lists
  • Ingredient Guide
  • How to Eat Out Guide
  • Simple 2-Step Gut Healing Protocol
  • Motivational Videos and Articles
  • Special Guest Experts and Interviews
  • Learn the Foundations of Real Health
  • Real Time Support
  • 10 week Guided Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program by In-House Psychologist Michael.
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Sample Recipes

Click here for a fantastic selection of free recipes that are all 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

Keto Day Plate

Sample Workouts

Total Body Cardio Burn

Booty Buster

Ab-Crusher Workout

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