WTF is Inflammation

WTF is Inflammation

Understand what inflammation means, where it is coming from, and what we can do about it that is easy and sustainable.

WTF is Inflammation (Why The Fuss of course)

Inflammation – often the cause for diseases we experience.

The tricky part? It can come from any number of lifestyle factors.

So, how do we ensure we maintain our health? Well, we need to know:

·      What inflammation means

·      Where it’s coming from

·      And what we can do about it that is easy and sustainable.

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From a simple bump on the knee, a bacterial infection, a persistent illness we can’t quite put our finger on, to a stressful day at work or a broken heart. Whether its pain, injury, or illness, our bodies respond with this magic word: inflammation.

The term is often flung around like its going out of fashion, but for very good reason.

Heart disease, obesity, depression, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, insulin resistance are all linked to inflammation.

It’s important to note that inflammation is a common, natural, innate response to injury, pain, illness, stress and in fact is quite necessary for our survival.

Inflammation is our body’s way of saying it isn’t gonna take on injury or illness without a fight. The first responder is the inflammatory process. That includes pain, swelling and redness. It’s essential we experience it.

So, cuts and bruises aside, let’s delve into the INFLAMMATION that revolves around the Meals, Mindset and Moves!

Let me know if any of these cases of inflammation sound familiar to you! And let me know if you implement any of my tips for overcoming them!


    We are talking toxic diets here. Those high in sugar, processed carbs, industrial fats, gluten, processed meats. You know what to do, EAT REAL FOOD!


    Poor sleep is linked to elevated inflammatory markers. Either we go to bed too late, wake up way too early, or we use too many electronics late at night and disrupt the quality of what little sleep we get. Or, unfortunately, a cocktail of all three. Turn the TV off, leave the phone out of the room, and give yourself the best chance to get those 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep.


    The gut houses the bulk of the human immune system. When it’s unhealthy, so is your inflammatory regulation. Don’t forget to drink broth, celebrate high fibre foods and have your daily fermented vegetables for a healthy microbiome.


    Poor Omega 3 intake means insufficient production of anti-inflammatory response hormones and an uneven inflammatory response to normal stimuli. Eat Hemp Seeds or add Hemp Oil in your smoothies or salads. Hemp Seeds and Oil contain one of the highest amounts of healthy omega 3's! Also, grass fed ghee is a hero for good quality omega 3's


    High Omega 6 intake, especially when combined with low omega 3 intake means excessive inflammatory response, in particular to normal stimuli. So, avoid those toxic seed oils and ‘vegetable oils’!


    Too many of us live sedentary lives. A lack of activity is strongly linked to systemic, low-grade inflammation. Take the stairs! Start small and work your way up to look forward to moving each and every day!


    Overtraining is a form of chronic inflammation. Listen to your body and allow it to repair and recover. My days OFF from exercise really inspire me and fuel me to have an amazing workout the very next day!


    Bills piling up, horrific workload, traffic, friendships, relationships. It can all add up and it doesn’t seem to let up or go away. And if it becomes too much for you to handle, your body will have a physiological, inflammatory response to emotional stress. Practice mindfulness, swim in the ocean, breathe in the fresh air!


    We live in a world where we are always switched “on.” You may think you’re relaxing because your body is stationary, but you’re not. Turn off your devices and get back to nature. Truly re-connect yourself.

Even though we are built to protect ourselves with an acute inflammatory response, all these lifestyle factors can throw our health off track and set us up for chronic inflammation.

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