Why I am 80% Plant Based

Why I am 80% Plant Based

80% Plant Based 20% Ethical and Sustainable Animal Fats and Proteins

Why I am 80% Plant Based

It is about time I fess up and be 100% honest about why I am now Plant Based, you deserve the truth.

You see, there is no denying that my latest cookbook title raised some eyebrows within my tribes and communities, I mean why is the Paleo guy releasing a book about Eating More Vegan?!

Well, that is exactly the point... the word 'MORE' being the key here. Put simply, eating MORE vegan has changed my life.

But I am not vegan, so what am I?! Why on earth am I saying we should Eat More Vegan and why am I now identifying as Plant Based??

Lets take a closer look...

For me, being Plant Based is an 80/20 approach

80% of my food intake is made up of delicious colorful plant foods that include above and below ground vegetables, fresh seasonal fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices!

The remaining 20% of my food intake is from animal based healthy fats and proteins, and for me they MUST be ethically and sustainably sourced, meaning grass-fed, free-range, nitrate-free, pasture-raised, organic and all else that encompasses making sure the animal lived the happiest, healthiest life, eating a diet it was designed to eat, on a farm that practices sustainable farming principles for long term environmental growth and support.

So... why the switch?!

Just a few years ago I was easily filling my plate with 60% to 70% animal protein, think huge steaks or pork belly or lamb shoulder, with a sauce and a small side of salad or veg? Well, three things happened following that way of eating.

  1. I felt lethargic all the time, like I wasn't digesting the amount of animal protein I was consuming. I felt full and heavy in the guts after meals, and intuitively I could tell I wasn't absorbing the nutrients I was consuming.
  2. Because my plate was SO full of animal protein, I wasn't celebrating a diverse enough range of wonderful plant based foods. The prime real estate on my plate was being wasted, and therefore I was lacking in different varieties of vital nutrients for optimal health.
  3. I couldn't achieve my goals. I couldn't move stubborn body fat, I felt tired a lot of the time and unable to move and train to the best of my ability and the brain fog was real.

So what did I do?!

  1. Cooked outside of my comfort zone with more plant based whole foods, and wow what a difference it made, you'll find below!!
  2. By reducing the portion size and regularity of my animal protein intake, I had so much plate real estate to fill with the goodness of plants. I cooked below ground vegetables if I needed more energy around training, or above ground non-starchy vegetables for the times I wanted a low carb feed.
  3. I re-jigged my view that I needed so much meat to thrive... I actually thrive MORE than I have ever on BETTER quality, but LESS of the stuff. You'd be amazed how little we need to thrive!

So what has happened?!

  1. I have lost a heap of excess body fat easily without changing my training and started doing the best most cleansing poops ever! Seriously, when ya do a good poo, ya feel so fantastic!
  2. I have started to really ABSORB my nutrients, because the increase in fibre from all the vegetables really supported fantastic gut health.
  3. I feel fuller for longer, more satiated, and more complete, because this 80/20 approach still lets me celebrate good quality nourishing fats! Along with all the colors of the rainbow I am enjoying!

Which is WHY my latest book, EAT MORE VEGAN is so so important!!

It is:

Gluten Free ✔️
Refined Sugar Free ✔️
Packet Free ✔️
Low Carb Keto Friendly ✔️
Paleo Friendly ✔️
Nutrient Dense ✔️ 
Anti-Inflammatory ✔️

That’s right, this book is redefining what plant based looks and tastes like.

You will not find:

✖️ Inflammatory Oils
✖️ Faux Meat 
✖️ Processed Ingredients 
✖️ Grains, Beans, Legumes
✖️ Refined Carbs

Just real honest food made easy.

This is good for THREE groups of people:

1. You’re 100% fully fledged plant based and want a cookbook that’s easy without the crap.
2. You’re a reducetarian... that means you’re someone who is looking to reduce their meat consumption with more #MeatFreeMonday motivation.
3. Or you simply want to take plant based foods to the next level, with new recipes, flavours and ideas!

Keen to grab a copy?! Here is where you can get it!

In all good bookstores and department stores including Dymocks, QBD, Harry Hartog, Kmart, BigW and many more.

Want a sneak peek? Check out this recipe from the book and get cooking! 

Crispy Pumpkin Tortilla Recipe

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