Luke Hines 10 Support

Luke Hines 10 Support

If you need support we are here to help. Please check the various options below.

We are here to help

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My expert team and I are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you are already a member, or considering joining, if our FAQ doesn't quite answer any of your questions we would love you to get in touch. You can find the full FAQ here.

A brief Support FAQ

Below are just a few general support questions you might be wondering about, but you can also find our full FAQ here.

  • How do I join?

    Simply select the Subscribe button from the top bar and you will be taken to the secure registration page to complete your details, choose your best meal plan option and you will be on your way!

  • Will I be doing this alone?

    Never! Not only will you have mine and my team's support, but you will also have access to and be a welcome part of the incredible Facebook community group where you can connect with supportive, caring and like-minded individuals. Together the entire Luke Hines 10 family will be your biggest cheer leaders!

  • Am I locked in to a contract?

    No - as no program is locked in and we always want you to feel positively in control of your journey, there is no minimum period required. You can cancel your Program at any time from within your personal dashboard and your request will be processed immediately.

    Of course you may also request to cancel via getting in touch with us at, however the processing of cancellation requests this way would not be immediate.

  • What help is available? is a publicly available support email dedicated to assisting Program members, as well as anyone who has an enquiry relating to, or (where possible) similar to, the Luke Hines 10 Program. We also have a free, dedicated and exclusive member only Facebook support group where Luke offers live chat videos, supportive posts and more. The Facebook support group is a 24/7, safe place for you to discuss recipe ideas, motivation, workouts and more with the incredibly positive and supportive community, plus Luke and the team are also actively involved in many support group discussions. Once you become a member we will pass through the special link to request access!

    Please note our team is based in and operates within Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) including Daylight Savings Time, so email replies will generally be sent within standard business hours.

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