Program Details

Program Details

Lets take a closer look at how the program works.

Luke Hines 10 brings the meals, mindset and moves to boost your health and happiness

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Join and access the Luke Hines 10 program at anytime and from anywhere, using a computer, tablet or mobile device. And you can start right away!

When registering, I'll ask a few questions to deliver the program that is right for you. You can choose between Paleo or Low Carb Keto-Friendly meal plans, with extra options for Nut Free or Egg Free meal plans too. You can change your preferences anytime!

Once registered, you'll begin 7 days of 'Prep Week'. This time is for you to prepare for ultimate program success before Week 1 begins. Your member console is divided into the Meals, Mindset and Moves tabs, plus the 'More' tab, which is a library of extra content and useful resources.

You'll have 15 weeks of program access, as I give you four bonus recap weeks after Week 10, for those that may have delayed starting, fallen behind or gone on holidays and needed some extra time to cutch up. During your program, you can also track back and see any previous week, right back to Prep Week.

You can update and change your details, or even cancel your program at anytime from within your dashboard. Ultimately, I have designed this program to work for you, and don't ever want you to feel stressed or locked in, which is why you can change or cancel at anytime if you're not achieving the results you desired. Although I do always encourage you to get in touch with myself or my team to let us know if we can help keep you on track!

Together we will set realistic and achievable goals, and make small, sustainable steps to achieving them - long term - well beyond the 10 weeks. And if you wish to continue, you have the option to join the cancel anytime Graduates Program, which includes all the initial content PLUS brand new meals, workouts, articles and more every month, and access to the graduates only community page.

  • Meals

    The meals are all quick, easy and affordable, with a focus on healing your gut, reducing inflammation and utilising leftovers to save time and money. Use the meal plan as you see fit, repeat meals in place of others, or if you're eating off plan such as dining out, I include info within the Prep Week 'More' tab on what makes up the perfect Luke Hines 10 plate. You can print individual recipes or your entire meal plan, including your shopping list. You can also adjust how many people your meal plans cater for, ranging from a single serve to a family of 6.

  • Mindset

    Getting into a positive and healthy mindset is vital for program success, and I provide this support with videos, articles and expert guests in this field, including blogs from our mindfulness and wellbeing expert, resident Psychologist Michael.

    Immerse yourself in this content in order to experience a holistic approach to becoming your best self. 

  • Moves

    Your moves consist of daily 10 minute workouts, designed to have you looking and feeling your absolute best. They are short and effective, designed to burn body fat, increase lean muscle mass and get you moving for life. I've also included a stretch and warm up session. If you're more advanced, I challenge you to repeat the workouts up to 4 times consecutively with a minute break in between. For those who may be injured, have restricted movement or unable to exercise like you used to, don't worry because the food and food alone will transform your health, plus I provide movement motivation for those needing to take it a little easier.

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Interested in my Luke Hines cookware, healthy range of products including my MCT Keto Tonic or want to pick up one of my best selling cookbooks? Simply head to my online store anytime for safe, quick and efficient delivery of all your needs.

With a click of a button you can join the Luke Hines 10 community today, and I look forward to working with you very soon to help you positively change your life and achieve your goals. Luke Hines 10 is more than an online program, its an opportunity to implement change for a new positive way of life.

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