What the Fast?! Learn How to Burn Fat

What the Fast?! Learn How to Burn Fat

Switch from burning carbs to fat with intermittent fasting.

What the Fast?! Learn How to Burn Fat.

Imagine this. Tonight, you have a really early dinner, that consists of low carb healthy fats, nothing too starchy that will raise your blood sugar. You go to bed, get an early night, and when you wake up, you need to rush out the door and skip breakfast. By the time you get around to eating at lunchtime, you’re likely to be in a state of ketosis. That means, you’re tapping into your fat burning potential by utilising fat as your primary source of energy, as opposed to the regular ongoing consumption of carbs. Congratulations, you’re a step closer to becoming ‘fat adapted’. If you’re mindful that any cravings aren’t solved by dumping glucose into your system, knocking you straight back out of it, you’re well onto your way to being able to metabolise and utilise fat as a readily available energy source, whilst feeling full of energy, beaming with focus, and looking lean and strong.

The above scenario is an example of an intermittent fast. Fasting is a common tool to use to tap into your fat burning potential, let’s take a closer look.

When you fast, you switch your fuel source from carbs to fat. This could be scary for some, especially those reading this now thinking a) I don’t think I could go two hours without a feed and b) breaking my fast with good healthy fats will be a challenge when I am normally a sugar burner. Rest assured, it gets easier, and once you are fat adopted, like those who follow my Luke Hines 10 Low Carb Keto Program can attest to, it becomes an effortless lifestyle, where I know you won’t look back!

What we are looking for is elevated blood ketones, so they can be utisled as energy. This is achieved through carbohydrate restriction (eating more healthy fat) and fasting. When we go without food, it promotes the natural production of ketones, which are then released into the circulatory system and used. Worried about your brain needing glucose for optimal functioning? Our livers are very clever and can produce the required glucose in isolation of dietary carbs.

Here are my sure fire tips to making fasting easy, sustainable and achievable.


1. Aim for around 16 hours, with the occasional 24 hour fast once a quarter.
2. If you’re new to this lifestyle, start with a single fast once a fortnight, then increase when you feel comfortable and confident. 
3. Eat and sleep early just before your fast begins. Sleeping counts as fasting so it’s a great time to allow your body to repair and rest.
4. Drink drink drink, keeping up adequate amounts of water is vital. Never forget to stay hydrated. 
5. Fast followed by fat. break your fast with a PowerUp Mind and Body Brew with MCT Keto Tonic, or a nutrient dense healthy fat feed like my Keto Top Deck.

When you’re a fat burner, celebrating a low carb Keto approach, with the occasional intermittent fast, you’ll experience increased focus, improved mental function, a ‘cleansing’ like effect on our bodies removing toxins, not to mention no longer being a slave to cravings or emotional eating.

Fasting is a cheap, effective and powerful way to boost your health in so many ways. It’s a real game changer.

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