It gets better

It gets better

Does Life Get Better?

Have you ever had a mind full of so much stress you can hardly think straight? An engulfing sense of hopelessness that no matter what you do, how hard you try, how focused you work, that things simply won’t change, that things won’t improve, that life won’t get better?

These thoughts and feelings are very common for many of us, and experiencing them simply makes you more human. You’ve probably asked yourself, do things turn around? Does life get better?

I really hope after reading this that I have convinced you that things do, life does get better, in fact, the more you believe this, the more likely it’ll be that you’ll move past these thoughts and feelings with incredible strength and empowerment, that anything is possible.

There is no denying life can be really tough sometimes. We live in an era where its very difficult to switch off from being contacted and stimulated around the clock. If its not texts, work emails and phone calls throughout your entire waking hours, then its all of the other screen time from entertainment and online content. Hours upon hours where we are engaged, alert and unable to switch off and calm the mind. Combine that with your personal stressors such as work, relationships and finances. Now, the cherry on top is your health which encompasses your relationship with your body image, how you perceive and eat food, and if you move your body or stay sedentary, and ultimately if you’re healthy inside and out. Wow, we have a lot going on don’t we?

When all of the elements that make up our lives compound on one another, it can create a dark cloud above us. A tiring, all consuming cloud that slows us down mentally, physically, affects our actions and reactions, and interferes with our lifestyle choices.  For some its reflected in poor food choices, fuelling emotional eating and comforting themselves with addictive choices. For others its lack of self confidence to get moving, leading to further lack of self esteem. And for many of us we become so bogged down by this feeling we don’t always strive for greatness, we don’t believe the amazing is possible for our lives, and we stop backing ourselves. We grow older in life becoming our own worst critics, not our own biggest fans.

From someone who’s honestly been there, and can still wake up some days back there, I want you to know it does gets better, in fact, it gets incredible if you can back yourself. How? Well, here is my easy, achievable list for you finding you again. Remembering who you are and how important it is to re-connect with yourself to be the best version of you there is.

1. Treat yourself with respect. Many of the below points touch on elements of this, but as a whole picture, you need to respect yourself to make the right decisions for you and your health and happiness, because you ARE worthy of health and happiness.

2. Surround yourself with only good people. The ones that lift you up and encourage you. Leave the negative gossipers, whisperers and clowns behind. Bye Felicia! Likes attract like, and the energy of other people is contagious. Aim to only catch good vibes and in turn you'll not only feel but also send out good vibes yourself.

3. Eat right for you. Find what works for you and celebrate the foods that make you thrive. To think, feel and perform optimally, you need to fuel your machine properly. Never underestimate the power that good food has on the mind, body and soul, and remember, you (and your body) are worthy of good, healthy nourishing food.

4. Move your body in ways that you enjoy each and every day, and make sure it works for you. It might be walking the dog, taking a yoga class, swimming, gym. Whatever floats your boat, get out there and get active. Movement is a game changer and can make all the difference when it comes to healthy body and healthy mind!

5. Have designated non-screen time. Switching off, or unplugging truly allows us to rest, clear and recharge our minds. We are so switched on these days, having designated time off our devices without interference or distraction can reduce stress and anxiety, and it can reduce excess stimulation which can lead to helping us sleep amazingly.

6. Speaking of sleep, get an adequate amount of it. Running low on sleep has been responsible for many unnecessary tantrums personally, so trust me, you’re just better with more of this good stuff. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep per night, and remember - sleep is NOT time for rethinking, over-analysing or stressing, it is time for resting, letting go, clearing our minds and most importantly recharging so that we are fresh and better able to make the most of tomorrow.

Now, if you follow these 6 simple steps, I can’t promise it will happen over night, but it does and will happen. You need to BACK YOURSELF, and don’t ever give up when things seem too hard because those tough times are simply thresholds waiting to be broken through, waiting for you to become a stronger you. Believe me, those moments where you think you’ve had enough or find yourself asking "whats the point?", if you just take a moment to remember you are worth it, you will often see that with another step or positive action you have the power to make things better. Another thing I want you to remember is that with a few good choices in a row, we can generate incredible momentum. So don't stop-start-stop or simply stay put, just make a few positive choices that you are worthy of that will benefit you and you will be on your way to achieving your health and happiness goals.

If you need support, I work with each and every member of my Luke Hines 10 program to achieve their health and happiness goals. You’ll never be just a participant, you become part of an incredible community full of support, motivation and positivity. The biggest difference to my program compared to others is that each and every time you reach out to support, you'll always get me on the other end. I'm always here for when you’re needing real time advice because there's nothing I want more than to see you happy, healthy and thriving. You'll also have access to the amazing 10 Week Positive Mindset Coaching from Psychologist Mike.

Plus, I want you to know you’ll be supported, not only by me, but by the other incredible members in our private Members only Facebook group.

Not sure which program is for you? Check out my other articles, FAQ and program information from the NEWS page, or if you want a sample of the Meals or have any other questions, get in touch with me at


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