6 Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Seriously Delicious

6 Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Seriously Delicious

We get told to eat more of them so lets make them taste phenomenal

6 Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Seriously Delicious

For so long, eating healthy got stuck with the stigma that clean food was bland, boring and felt like you were eating cardboard! Gone are those days my friends, so gone that when you implement these 6 simple steps when cooking vegetables, you will not be able to get enough of the good stuff in your life. You will crave the kale, salivate over sprouts, and have a bromance with broccoli. 

My Luke Hines 10 Program Recipes are all designed to make eating healthy food always taste delicious, not to mention super quick, easy and affordable.

Here are my 6 Simple Steps to Seriously Delicious Veggies

  • 1. Always Add a Healthy Fat

    From coconut oil to butter, ghee to tallow, and extra virgin olive oil to duck fat! Find a good quality fat that you enjoy cooking with, and bake, fry, sauté and dress your vegetables. 

    You will increase their nutrient density and add some epic flavour! 

    Did you know that cooking with certain types of healthy fats can increase the antioxidant levels, plus some vitamins and minerals are fat soluble, meaning we need to consume them with a good quality healthy fat for our body to absorb them!

  • 2. Salt, Salt, Salt

    If there is anything I have learnt in my years cooking, it is to season food with a good quality salt. 

    Use a good quality sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, both rich in minerals, and you will see what a difference it makes to your vegetables! 

    My tip is to season both during cooking, and a little when the vegetables hit the table for ultimate melt in the mouth deliciousness!

  • 3. Add Acid

    Think lemon or lime juice and apple cider or coconut cider vinegar.

    Adding an acid to your vegetables can take something rather simple to extraordinary on the tastebuds. 

    Just like a squeeze of lemon juice can elevate a beautiful piece of fish, adding an acid to your vegetables bring out vibrance and flavour. Think lemon, lime or your favourite citrus, or apple cider vinegar!

  • 4. Keep It Quick

    Just like no-one likes an overcooked steak or chewy piece of chicken breast, vegetables have feelings too!

    If you want to lock in both flavour AND nutrients, cook your vegetables quickly.

    Aim for a little crunch to your vegetables by sautéing over medium heat and removing them from the pan when they still have some life to them. 

    You will thank me for the extra nutrient value and the prebiotics.

  • 5. Spice Up Your Life

    Using fresh or dried herbs and spices can take a dish to serious 10 out of 10 status. 

    Fresh or dried chilli is my go to for ease and simplicity, as it packs both punch and flavour, but use what you enjoy the most. Think cumin, rosemary, parsley, basil, and so many more.

    Its a very cost effective, convenient way too boost your meals, plus there is a ton of health benefits to boot! Think anti inflammatory chilli and turmeric!

  • 6. All Dressed Up

    My favourite way to boost flavour to your vegetables, both fresh and cooked is with a simple dressing. 

    From coating greens in extra-virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice combo or a simple home-made mayo or aioli, to drizzling a lemon tahini dressing on slow roasted vegetables.

    Making a simple fresh dressing is one of the simplest ways to take things next level and they're so easy to make.

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