How To Get Back On Track After A Binge

How To Get Back On Track After A Binge

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How To Get Back On Track After A Binge

We are all human and from time to time, no matter how good our intentions are we fall off the health bandwagon and have a blowout or binge! From long weekends to special occasions and everything in-between, there are numerous life events that can tigger us to temporality leave our health principles at the door and dive head first into the chips and dip! For others it can be due to life change, emotional experience, social pressures or locational circumstances that have you craving, eating and living in a way that isn't conducive to achieving your health and happiness goals. 

Because we have all been there, and will be there again, I want to share with you my go-to list of ways to get back on track after a binge. Save this to your phone and the next time you go to beat yourself up over veering off track, whip this list out, remind yourself you're human and keep moving forward positively towards your health and happiness! 

Top 5 Ways To Get Back On Track After A Binge

1. Don't beat yourself up over it. There is no point wallowing in the misery of feeling bloated and gassy after a greasy affair with those inflammatory foods you don't usually mingle with. Life is too short to focus on anything but the positives, and the positive side of a blowout and binge is that tomorrow is always a new day so pick yourself up, wipe the grease off your mouth and make a salad. 

2. Speaking of salad, it's time to make one. Whether its a fresh crisp salad of above ground leafy greens or a warm cooked salad of roast vegetables topped with a gorgeous pesto, plant based foods are going to be your friend right now. Packed with vitamins and minerals, vegetables contain everything we need to detoxify, reduce cravings, boost our mood and cleanse.

3. Move your ass. That's right, pick yourself up off the couch, brush the popcorn off your lap and move your body. Pick something you actually enjoy doing so that you enjoy the process just as much as the results. Whether its a HIIT session, one of my 10 minute functional workouts from Luke Hines 10, or a yoga class, you will help get both your digestive system going and increase the good endorphins and happy hormones which will in turn help make you feel more positive about getting back on track.

4. Sleep sleep sleep! I can't stress this one enough. Most clients I work with struggle with lack of sleep and poor work/ life time management that leads to poor routine and exhaustion. The power of getting enough good quality sleep cannot be underestimated and is a serious game changer when it comes to your health. Getting more, better quality sleep has been linked to improved metabolism (including fat loss), increased energy, reduced cortisol, improved focus and overall wellbeing and happiness.

5. Hydrate your beautiful dehydrated self! Too often we spend our days dehydrated. We drink more coffee than we need and forget to replenish with the goodness of water. Dehydration can lead to increased cravings, poor digestion and elevated stress on our body. Water is needed to help cleanse the system after a blowout so there is no time like the present to drink up!

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My Favourite Recipes To Get Back On Track

Gorgeous Green Chicken Cakes

These are a serious game changer when it comes to getting your daily dose of good healthy fats, well sourced protein and vitamin mineral rich greens! Do yourself a favour and make this today!

Power Up Your Coffee with MCT's

Something incredible happens when you Power Up your coffee with MCT Keto Tonic and Grass-Fed Ghee. Reduce your cravings, improve your mood and supercharge your focus now!

Choc Raspberry Bombs

When coming off the back of a binge it is important you have something Low Carb Keto to snack on to help manage your blood sugar levels, look no further than these beauties!

If you love the look of these recipes and you are looking for delicious ways to look and feel your best, my Luke Hines 10 Online Program includes all of these recipes and 200 more, plus a complete mindfulness and wellbeing program, and daily 10 minute moves.

The 10 weeks of structured Meals, Mindset and Moves is a long term sustainable approach to burning fat, increasing lean muscle mass and feeling great.

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