How Omega 9 boosts our immunity

How Omega 9 boosts our immunity

Omega's are essential for every cell in our body!

Getting adequate Omega 9 supports healthy cells, organs, skin, hair and nails

I'm excited, because healthy fats are finding their rightful place back on our plate as part of a holistic healthy diet. As a functional nutritionist, this is music to my ears, because healthy fats are crucial for our energy, hormone creation and balance, regulating our metabolism, and they also support our brain and perhaps most importantly they are critical for healthy cells!

One of my absolute favourite healthy fats are the incredible Omegas. Now, we're hearing a lot about Omega 3 & 6 which are essential, but what about Omega 9 (Oleic acid)? Whilst it is not considered 'essential', it is a critical nutrient that supports our overall health and immunity.

Studies are finding that Omega 9 Oleic acid is associated with a number of incredible health benefits, including positively influencing cholesterol levels by reducing 'bad' cholesterol. It also supports our cardiovascular system and heart health, as well as likely boosting our brain and motor function, and it is needed for maintaining healthy cells, skin, tissues and our overall immunity.

So where can we get Omega 9 in our diet? Well, the best sources are plant based oils, and below I've listed my favourite healthy options.

  • Avocado Oil

    Avocado Oil is made up of about 70% Oleic Acid, delivering an abundance of our healthy Omega 9, as well as important fat soluble vitamins and loads of antioxidants. With any plant-based oil, remember that cold pressed and extra-virgin is always best! I recommend Cocolife Pure Avocado Oil Spray, which is also non-aerosol meaning its nothing but 100% pure avocado goodness, and the best part is its available at Woolworths!

    Because of its healing and soothing properties, Avocado Oil is also incredible for boosting the health of your skin - it is often added to natural skin care products, but adding it to you food will truly nourish you from the inside out!

  • Macadamia Oil

    Macadamia Oil is made up of about 60% Oleic Acid, as well as other fantastic healthy fatty acids that are thought to positively influence cholesterol metabolism and help us maintain insulin responsiveness. Macadamia oil is also a great source of other beneficial phytonutrients that can fight free radicals and protect our cells.

    If you cannot find a cold-pressed, extra virgin macadamia oil, then whole raw macadamias are great too. Whilst in their whole form the levels of Omega 9 will not be as concentrated, whole macadamias are a great source of minerals and fibre.

  • Cacao Butter

    Cacao Butter, used for making raw chocolate is an incredible source of Omega 9. Its made up of about 40% Oleic Acid! This gives a whole new reason to enjoying raw chocolate treats!

    Cacao butter is very nutrient dense, in addition to its high Omega 9 it also contains other beneficial fatty acids and loads of antioxidants. It is super easy to use, simply melt and mix with raw cacao powder and your favourite flavours and you have a nutrient dense healthy snack!

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