Choosing the right MCTs to boost your day!

Choosing the right MCTs to boost your day!

Not all MCTs are created equal.

The low-down on MCTs

What are MCTs?

MCTs, or ‘medium chain triglycerides’ are simple fatty acids that our body uses as energy. In pure form, they are a colourless and odourless oil that stays liquid at room temperature and delivers a number of incredible health benefits when consumed as part of a healthy diet. One of the naturally highest sources of MCTs is coconut oil, but not all MCTs act the same!

It’s important to note that there are four different MCTs, and they actually have some varied functions and effects, which is why it’s always best to know the types as well as the concentration of your MCTs. Because MCTs are naturally occurring in coconut oil, you need to be careful you are not being duped into buying what may just be liquid coconut oil, especially if the bottle doesn’t tell you exactly which MCTs it contains.

Which MCTs do we want?

The 2 types of MCTs we want are pure C8 and C10, and here's why:

Whilst C6, C8, C10 and C12 are categorised as ‘MCTs’, only C8, and C10 are able to bypass digestion and directly enter our liver, bloodstream and brain to be converted into ketones without gastric upset. This quick conversion from MCTs to ketones is what we are looking for, because it is that affect that quickly boosts our focus, mood and energy.

C12, although classed as an MCT, is metabolised like most other larger fatty acids, requiring digestion through the stomach and small intestines before it can be absorbed into your blood and then turned into energy. The trouble is, C12 is the most abundant “MCT” in coconut oil (about 50% of coconut oil is C12). C12 will satiate you rather than energise or focus you. C6 on the other hand is fast absorbing, but it tastes unpleasant and can cause digestive upset, so it is purely C8 and C10 that you want when choosing MCTs.


Because the right MCTs truly do power up your mind and body, and because there is lots of tricky marketing out there, I created my own MCTs! My MCT Keto Tonic is made from organic Coconut Oil and is a minimum of 53% C8, and 47% C10 and nothing else – it is the cleanest, most transparent and effective MCT for your health. I partnered with Cocolife to create this beauty because I wanted to provide the best version of it to support the health of everyone who uses it. Plus we will always tell you the concentrations and purity of our MCTs.

If you haven't used MCTs before, start with just one teaspoon of the Luke Hines MCT Keto Tonic in your coffee or tea, salad or smoothie bowl and you will feel the energising and brain boosting affects.

MCT 1 Litre - Luke Hines by Cocolife MCT Keto Tonic

Luke x

  • Benefits of C8 + C10 MCTs

    Due to it's fast metabolism, non-glycemic effect and antibiotic properties, C8 and C10 are great for:

      Increased energy, mood and focus
      Brain power and protection
      Anti-inflammatory support
      Improved metabolism and weight management
      Promoting a healthy gut
      Maintaining stable insulin levels

  • What to look for

    When purchasing and using an MCT to powerup your day and feel the direct and fast benefits that the right MCT should deliver, you want to look for one that is pure C8 and C10, because they are the only MCTs that are immediately absorbed and converted into brain and energy boosting ketones, whilst also delivering powerful gut supporting properties, boosting your metabolism and helping to reduce inflammation, without the gastric upset or lengthy digestion.

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