Becoming your own biggest cheerleader

Becoming your own biggest cheerleader

Back yourself and Believe in yourself

Becoming your own biggest cheerleader

You've probably heard me say it before, in order for us to truly lead happy and healthy lives we need to back ourselves and believe in ourselves first and foremost, which is why I put such a focus on mindset. Sometimes though its easier said than done, so here I'm sharing some inspiration that will hopefully help you to become your own biggest cheerleader and to no longer be your own worst critic. 

Firstly, you deserve to be healthy and happy. You truly do! But I don't want you to think of focussing on yourself as being selfish because in order to do your best and give your best and support your loved ones the best way you can, you need to be in a position of feeling your own best too.

Lets touch on what I think is the most crucial aspect of becoming your own biggest cheerleader, and that is Self-Acceptance. Its a big one, and I know we can all struggle with it at times, myself included particularly when it comes to managing stress and weight, my friend refers to my 'cortisol pouch' that appears around my waist whenever I fall off track or become too stressed. In my 15 years as a personal trainer and now for the passed few years as a nutritional therapist, I see time and time again that we are really good at being hard on ourselves and we tend to stay mad or upset with ourself indefinitely, which only prevents us from achieving the positive changes we want. Well, I have a secret for you, and its about you, and I'm certain I'm not the only one who knows it - your friends and loved ones will know this about you too.

The secret is that who you are right now is beautiful, complex, wise, resilient, adaptable and the perfect point of reference to make any change your heart desires. You see, who you are and where you are right now is the result of all the experiences you've lived, all the lessons you've learned, all the achievements you've made and all the barriers you've broken and even all the hardships you've lived too. All the pieces that make you who you are in any moment is the greatest foundation upon which you can add to, strengthen, adjust and grow. In other words, we can only build upon ourselves as we currently exist, and the best way to ensure our growth is to accept and believe wholeheartedly in ourselves as we truly are right now.

The incredible thing to remember is that everything that makes us who we are is what gives us our tools and power to move forward.

And what's even more exciting is that because you are exactly who you are right now, having all the knowledge and experiences and point of reference that you hold, sitting within your heart and your mind are the tools and the power to take your next step, no matter what direction it is. The wonderful thing is, you are already using your power each and every day but maybe at the moment you are using it to continue to do and be where and who you are right now. What you need to remember is that you are strong enough to choose whats best for you, you get to decide how you use your power and your lessons and your knowledge, because you are worthy enough, and you absolutely deserve to live and breathe the health and happiness that you desire, because when you are happy and healthy you have more of yourself to give, and you WILL achieve anything.

So, never doubt yourself because of who you are, and try to no longer put yourself down, because with the power of self-acceptance, you can beat that negative self talk and achieve the health and happiness you deserve.

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