A Paleo Day On A Plate

A Paleo Day On A Plate


A Paleo Day On A Plate

After the incredible success of the Low Carb Keto Day On A Plate, I thought it would be fun to share what a typical delicious day on a Paleo plate looks like.

You'll discover why celebrating good fats, smart carbs and an abundance of vegetables is the key to energy, improved mood, mental clarity and so much more. The recipes and information in this article are all from my Luke Hines 10 Week Program that you can Start Today with your own 10 Week Program of Meals, Mindset and Moves.

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The Easy Facts

If you're curious about giving this fantastic way of life a go, you may want to read some of my recent articles about topics like The Difference Between Paleo and Keto and What Is Inflammation. The reason I suggest these articles is because it is good to know not just the how, but the why. If you know why you make certain health decisions, you are way more likely to stick to the new way of life.

The reason Paleo works for releasing weight, increasing energy and improving your mood is because you strip things back the delicious basics. Real food, in its simplest state, prepared to be quick, easy and delicious. All whilst removing processed and refined foods from your diet, reducing cravings, quitting sugar and balancing your hormones. And this is just a few of the awesome things that happen when going Paleo.

When you eat real food, you are no longer a slave to cravings, can manage your blood sugar levels, and can mindfully eat when you're hungry, and have the intuition to stop when you're full. Leading to a healthier, happier and longer life.

Here is a sample day of meals with recipes, and the reasons why I love celebrating them as part of a Paleo approach!

Breakfast | Mixed Berry Hotcakes

Banana Berry Hotcakes Preview

The Paleo approach is all about sourcing your carbs from real food sources. That means swapping out regular breakfast fare such as cereals and breads for whole foods, which is why I love this Mixed Berry Pancake Stack. 

Packed with good healthy fats, well sourced protein, smart carbs, fibre and antioxidants. The protein and healthy fats means the sugars in this dish are broken down into your system slower than normal, giving you a level supply of energy.


Lunch | Gorgeous Green Chicken Cakes

Kale And Chicken Patties Salad To Go

This recipe has become a massive member favourite which is why I wanted to include it on the sample day. It's a great example of a recipe that can be done in bulk ready to have on hand as a delicious hot dinner, or enjoyed cold on the go as part of leftovers in a vibrant salad.

On the lower carb side of things, this recipe is a great way to get your dose of daily greens, not to mention perfect when paired with roasted vegetables or chopped up in a salad of easy fresh ingredients.


Dinner | Coconut Crumbed Fish and Guac

Crispy Fish And Avocado Smash Preview

When going Paleo it is important to have healthier versions of all the foods you know and love. So instead of going without delicious crispy foods, I wanted to share my go-to healthy crumb that works a treat with this fish, but also chicken and vegetables (this batter with Cauliflower is to die for!).

The biggest reason for sharing this recipe is to prove that eating healthy should never be boring. You can still celebrate the things you love, the flavours you know, and the types of dishes you enjoy with a few simple Paleo substitutes.


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